I am a small breeder of Siamese and even smaller breeder of Oriental  Shorthairs and Persians located in the Northwest Indiana. We have been  showing and breeding for over 25 years primarily in ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association) All  my Cats are registered in ACFA and raised under foot, socialized and  spoiled rotten These are my babies and I'm very picky on who they go to.  My main goal is to better the breeds by breeding to and improving the  standards while having happy, healthy, wonderful companions for you and  for myself.  

I show my Cats, Kittens & Household Pets and if  you want I recommend that you do too!  Check out  ACFA (American Cat  Fanciers Association)  if you have any interest in showing and can’t  find the information that you need to get started, let me know. I have  been actively involved with ACFA for many years and I am the current  MidCentral Regional Director.

My Kittens all leave in good health  with a good diet, current vaccines and proper vet care.  All play a  huge difference, in not only the quality, but in the length of your new  kitten's life.  

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